Whooligan is a strong believer in freedom of expression and speech. However, there are some things that absolutely will not be tolerated. The following is a list of things that aren't cool:

  • NO pornographic material, including nudity and depictions of lewd behavior. We encourage users to show their support in a classy, respectable manner. If you would like a list of websites where pornography is acceptable, we would be glad to send it to you.
  • NO overtly racist, violent, or discriminatory posted content. Whooligans and Whooligirls are located around the world and represent numerous ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. If you put up a photo, video, or text that is flagged by other users, we will review the content. If it is deemed inappropriate, we will delete the content and give you a warning before your account is deleted. We ask you to be passionate, creative, funny and original, not ignorant.
  • NO copyrighted materials-plain and simple. This includes content depicting celebrities, artwork, or other intellectual property that was not created by you. If the content is not yours, don't post it, because you probably will be making someone else angry and their lawyers very rich.
  • NO spam or unsolicited offers to other users. First offenders of this rule will not be allowed back on the site. Whooligan is a place to express your passion for world football, not to advertise your webcam, small business, or other enterprise.
  • NO fake profiles and content. If you are a Web cam girl or pornographic website operator, please do not post profiles on our site to promote your business because we will delete them.
  • Please be sure to read our terms of service page if you would like to learn more.